St. John’s Episcopal Church
West Hartford,Connecticut

Damaged by Fire October, 1992 this window (as well as several other Windows) was re-created by Stained Glass Resources 1993/1994

Holy Name Church
Chicopee, Masssachusetts

Window was so deteriorated, that a panel actually fell out of the window frame

Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church
Springfield, Massachusetts

Damaged by Fire October, 2006 Frame and Stained Glass recreated by Stained Glass Resources 2007/2008

Trinity Episcopal Church
Clarksville, Tennessee

Tornado Damage

City of Somersworth Forest Glade Cemetery
Somersworth, New Hampshire

Vandalism Damage

Basilica of the Sacred Heart
Hanover, Pennsylvania

Vandalism Damage

First Parish Church of Christ
Somersworth, New Hampshire

Vandalism Damage